Sunday, 11 November 2012

Christmas Lightup at Tokyo Station/Nakadori (Christmas is starting?)

I just noticed that my last post was my 100th post! And it was on NaNoWriMo(;

So to get back to Japan, yesterday, I was actually at the Marunouchi/Otemachi district. I was actually there to attend a job-hunting seminar (being the typical kiasu Singaporean, I'm starting before I even enter university! Although in my defence, I started in Secondary School). It was pretty useful, with things on how to stand, how to sit, how to enter the interview room, etc.

After the seminar, I changed (I hate wearing suits!) and Emily, Reuben, Eileen and I went to go see the Nakadori lights. And it really is pretty!

I really wish I brought my DSLR, but I only had my camera phone... Still, I managed to get a few pictures of Tokyo Station:

While it was light
At night
I really should make the effort to go back there one more time during this Christmas season. (But really? Christmas season has started? O.O)

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