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Thursday, 15 November 2012

NaNoWriMo Week 2 Update

So we're at the halfway mark! And I've managed to make it to the halfway mark of the target! (That's a relief, because if anything, the amount of time I will have left to write will be going down).

Hmm... what was the past week like?

Well, I've been falling sick. I'm falling sick now actually. It must be the weather, because although I spent a year in England (and got locked out of the house in Winter), I'm still born and bred in humid Singapore. Temperatures of 5-15 degrees (Celsius) aren't working too well. And apparently, it's going to get colder.

So that was a few mornings where I didn't write for 30 minutes because I chose to sleep a bit more instead.

And there's school. I just finished a presentation today (on Singapore's ageing society), and the preparations just wiped me out. I still can't believe I did a resume (basically, an outline of your presentation that is distributed to the listeners), research and a presentation in Japanese. So less time during the day to write (not to mention all the Kendo).

To make things worse (writing-wise), I'll be going out this weekend, and next week, when my school festival starts. Unless I get a head-start again, I won't be finishing this month with 50k.

On the bright side, I am reaching my aim of developing good writing habits. I've been using Evernote to jot down quick thoughts that come when I'm about to sleep, and I've been getting use to writing everyday (even if I only write a hundred words.)

Plus, I've managed to compile my manuscript from Scrivener without gibberish coming out (I'm technologically challenged, despite the fact I was in the Robotics Club).

Ok, so this has been a good week.

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