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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Instant Ramen Reviews #1

This is for you Euphe!

In preparation for my family's trip to Japan, I'm going to sample different types of Instant Ramen to let my sister and dad (big instant noodle fans), decide which they should try, and which they should cart home.

So, here's there first Instant (Japanese) Ramen that I've tried since I came to Japan:

The noodles are some kind of beef-noodle (quite peppery) soup and I'm happy to say that the noodles look almost identical to the ones on the packet!

I forgot to take a picture of the packets, but there are about three, including one packet with just (I think it's) beef fat, to make the noodles more fragrant (which it does). Um, Euphe, you might want to skip that, although I think it would affect the taste.

There's no meat inside (sadly), but that's to be expected. The taste is good, although since I'm not that big a fan of peppery noodles, I probably won't try it a second time (unless, like when I was eating it, I had a cold. In that case, it's comfort food).

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