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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Having Fun With My Family

This week, my family came for a quick trip to Japan (they arrived Sunday, left Thursday). I didn't get to join them in Yamanashi, but I did meet them at Yokohama. It was quite fun, since we were on a tour (and on our free day, we went to Disneyland), but there was so little time! And the problem with tours are the early wake up calls :/ It took me two days to regain the sleep debt and catch up on whatever needs to be done on the Internet.

As usual, here are some photos from my trips (I love photos! So bear with all these attempts at photojournalism). The only thing is that this time, I forgot my camera and was only using my phone. So if you think I'm terrible, well, there are less photos(;

My Little brother looking out the window at Yokohama

Night view of Yokohama

A present from my brother

On the Shinkansen to Tokyo!



We basically just went shopping

And um, instagramming photos

Odaiba's Statue of Liberty and Raimbow Bridge
Closer look at the statue

View from the Ferries Wheel

Another view

haha, I'm too happy with the cap and
scarf that I got. 

Christmas tree at Disneyland

Lunch at Disneyland(;

The castle <3 

At night!

Probably the best shot I could take of the fireworks 

Strawberries that my grandad gave me ^^
It was fun~

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