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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Momiji-Gari (紅葉狩り)

Sorry for the very late post! (And now, I'm behind, since I want to share about kendo soon). But it took me sometime to edit the pictures, and you have the honour (if you want to consider it that) of being the first to view the edited photos (before I put them on 500px) that I managed to do. Some photos aren't edited though.

 Let's start with the place. I went for Momiji-gari at Okutama, about two hours away from my dorm. Which means that it's still in Tokyo (or very close), but a completely who different side of Tokyo. 

 I was "hunting" for this elusive prey.

Although completely by accident, we also got some free yuzu from a few really kind farmers. 
(Also, I'm sorry for accidentally poking you with a thorn Glen)

 I love love love the views!

But the trail is no joke. It's very narrow at times, very steep at times, and there are times with no railings (and yes, there are times when all these happen at the same time)

 Although Momiji are supposed to be prettiest red, I quite like the gradient colours too!

More awesome scenery. 

Remember, if you're in Japan during Autumn, you have to go for this. Even if you don't take photographs, just drink in the view! 

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