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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Random Musings: Lifelogging Part 2 (クローズアップ現代ライフログ)

Yesterday, my class and I watched the second part of the Lifeblogging episode. If you haven't heard of it, I talked about it in a previous post here.

This week, we focused on a guy (Okuno-san) who lifeblogs by hand. He has a whole bunch of notebooks, which he fills with photos and writings. His reason for lifeblogging was because he felt his life didn't hold meaning, so he started a lifelog to note all the good things that happened to him. And now, he says that he feels as though his life is richer.

Personally. I think this sounds more like a diary.

And yes, my class preferred this guy to the other guy, who records down the time and date of everything he does. He is literally logging his life, while Okuno-san writes down what happens, as well as his emotions. Which lead to stronger feelings of 懐かしい (natsukashii).

Before I start talking about my feelings, let me share this interesting gadget I saw in the latest issue of The Next Web's magazine:

I have a feeling this is for the guy that records what time he brushes his teeth. But seriously, won't you feel overwhelmed? How much time will you spend picking out photos? (Face it, even if you let the machine pick out, you'll have this paranoid fear that it threw away the best photo of the day by accident).

As someone who has a drawer full of random notebooks, I can identify way more with Okuno-san, who seems to be keeping more of a very frequent diary than a lifelog. Unlike last week, I can actually see myself doing this, if let's say, I was doing a trip across Europe, and want to take down everything by hand. I'll probably be sticking in polaroids, doodling, and ending up with an awesome memoto.

This is, by the way, the function of my many notebooks. I don't throw them away, even the school diaries, because I tend to doodle in them throughout the year. I find it fun to occasional take them out (even the barely written in ones), and flip threw them. It tends to bring me down memory lane.

This year's diary/schedule book
How about you? Did you, like me, change your perspective on lifelogging when you heard about the pen-and-paper option ? I certainly like keeping diaries, even if I don't write in them everyday. I find it helps me to reflect.

On an unrelated note, my exams start this week, so I won't have time to post until they end next week. So sorry, the kendo post will be very late, and the momiji-gari post is going to be so overdue I should pay a fine.

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