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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Road Trip to Nikko!

So, let's end the year with a travel experience!

I'm really indebted to Yinghui, who invited me to this one-day road trip and slowed my descent into becoming a "hikikomori". Because of that, I woke up around 5 a.m. yesterday to get ready for my trip to Nikko (in Tochiji-ken)

It's about two hours away by car, which is definitely faster than the train or bus. But ever since I came to Japan, I get carsick easily (I'm way too used to trains). Coupled with the really awful turns, I more or less made myself sleep the way there and back (I'm not very good company).

And unlike Tokyo, Nikko was snowing/had snow! I would show you a picture of a magnificent waterfall, but it was so foggy we couldn't see anything. It looked awesome on Google Search Image results though.

We did manage to see this tiny waterfall though. Unlike the huge one, it's free to see. And I think it's quite cool to see and hear the water flowing with the snow.

You can see the waterfall in the back ground of this picture right?

Nikko is also known for Yuba, which is the skin of the tofu. So for lunch, I had Yuba Udon! I missed the taste of Udon (I think it's a winter noodle(;). The Yuba is the round thing that's in focus in the photo.

 We also went to see this lake. It was still quite foggy, but so gorgeous with the snow! And before we even got to the lake, we were playing with snow. There were the numerous snowballs, the snow angels (ok, that was just me and Yinghui) and a snowball fight (I volunteered to be the photographer).
I actually think that the mist looks quite cool with the lake. There was a movie that had the words "mist" and "lake" in the title right?

 Next was the moor. I've seen the word in the Secret Garden, but I didn't really know what it means.
It looks like a field though. But I'm told that in summer, people come here to watch birds.

Our last stop, before going to an onsen, was this place -温泉の元 (onsen no moto - the origin of the hotspring). This is a sulphuric hotspring (and yes, I spell sulphur with a "ph". I think it looks way better than sulfur with an "f")

 I'm not very sure what the house-like structures are for though.
If you know, please tell me!

For dinner, we drove back to Tokyo to eat at this hole-in-the-wall. Look at the queue!

I could torment you with descriptions of the melt-in-your-mouth tonkatsu, but I shall be nice and refrain from doing so. Let me just say that Stephanie, who was carsick on the way back (much much worse than me, she actually threw up), ate a fair bit of this despite having no appetite ^^

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