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Friday, 11 January 2013

Bilingual Book Review: I Never Promised You an Apple Orchard (君にリンゴの果樹園を約束したおぼえはないね)





例:夜に、よろいで迷っているねずみはそういった ”よろい戸をあけて早く出して!” 英語では "Help me make it through the knight". 英語のジョックは”よろい”の”Knight”と”夜”の”Night"の発音は同じ。でも、これは日本語でそうではない。


I bought this book quite some time ago, but the grammar was too hard for me, so I didn't actually finish it until recently. It really is a bilingual book (in English and Japanese), and of course, it's really entertaining. In English that is (I love puns!).

In Japanese though, the puns don't carry across so well, so you may be a little confused. Thankfully, there's a short explanation after the book.

If you like snoopy though, you should get this book. Since it's also in English, you can enjoy the original text, and compare it to the Japanese. Sadly, it's divided into two distinct sections, so you'll be flipping back and forth a lot.

I would recommend this for intermediate learners and up.

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