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Monday, 14 January 2013

Cookie Dough Bites

Today is the first day that it snowed in Tokyo! And it's also the coming-of-age-day ( seijin no hi), so it's a public holiday. The snow was actually pretty heavy, I only made it out once, to get this picture:

You may not see it, but the snowfall was really heavy
And because of the snow, Bekah couldn't come over to cook with me ): She was on her way here when the buses (and I think trains) stopped. Thankfully, she made it back to her dorm. Unfortunately, Rena was/is stranded in Yamanashi-ken. I'm praying she manages to make it back.

I did intend to go out again with my camera, but then, I started cooking. I was inspired by these cookie pops over at Juanita's Cocina, but mine turned out very differently.

For one thing, I didn't actually use her recipe. I looked at the ingredients, got lazy, and bought the Betty Crocker pre-mix. It's a chocolate chip cookie dough, but I melted the chips so it became a chocolate cookie dough:

Hello you lovely looking piece of dough
Two boxes added up to about 70+ of this pops (and no, I didn't buy sticks, so they're just dough... bites)

Oh, you have friends. Nice to eat you.
The second thing is actually a mistake: I didn't buy enough chocolate (I underestimated the amount of dough I'd get). So, Stella and I (Stella came for the chocolate part!) decided to just drizzle some chocolate on the bites, and add sprinkles

And being (ex)-Literature students, we started joking about the meaning of the white chocolate. We came to the conclusion it symbolises snow (to commemorate today) because it's: white (duh) and melts when warm. Yeah, they aren't very good proofs.

We ran out of chocolate about 2/3 of the way in, so I guess we'll have to continue tomorrow:

Ignore the messy desk. Look at what we made today!
And here's the special pink version. It's pink because uh, some sprinkles melted in. But pink is cute!

I suppose those who meet me while I carry this green box tomorrow are the lucky ones who will get to eat it!

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