Saturday, 19 January 2013

SSAJ Winter Trip - Gifu

I think those of you who have me on Google+ know I went to Gifu just before the term started. I uploaded a few instagram photos and even wrote a brief travel guide for MindChicClub (link goes to the page). So here, I'm going to fill in the blanks with more pictures (and before my memory fades away, yikes!)

I'm a pretty relaxed person, so I quite like wandering around. I don't need a busy tour schedule. I just wish the bus ride wasn't so long - you have no idea how happy I was to actually get off the bus at Takayama! (Seriously, slipping on ice is better than a four hour bus ride).

I think I talked about the beef in the other article, but I almost didn't get to eat it. I have two (awesome) senpai who can't eat beef, so I went with them for lunch. Thankfully, the restaurant we found had beef~ Unfortunately, there was a long queue. This delicious dango stand saved my stomach though. ^^

We did see lots of interesting sights, but what I remember is this huge huge dog! It's so cute!

 The way snow falls on the wall is really pretty too!

When I wrote that I was allergic to ginko in the travel form (I will hyperventilate whenever I ingest it), I didn't expect that it'd actually be in the food! Good thing I wrote it down, although this meant I had to sit away from my friends.

Although, there was an annoying encounter where I was accused of speaking poor English because the listener didn't know what "hyperventilate" was, and thought that "asthma attack" and "heart attack" were similar =.=

I have this fascination with icicles. They're so pretty!

And the next day, at Shirakawa-go (I must have mispelt it about five times before getting the spelling right!), we had an interesting snowball fight. Of course, I didn't want to take part (I saw the participants and choose to be warm-ish and dry) so I volunteered to hold all the expensive camera gear. Possibly the best way to protect yourself from snowballs.

I have some pretty pictures of the fight, but in the interesting of my safety, look, a snowman!

The first time I see a snowman that wants to be run down by a car. 
I was born and bred in the tropics (except for that year in England), so the cold was.... -whimper-. I didn't know trees could freeze!

And after all this fun, a seven hour bus ride back to Shinjuku (poor weather conditions made it worse T.T). I think I ran off the bus going "GROUND!"

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