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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

To My Kouhai's

So you've gotten the MEXT scholarship! おめでとう!

Now, if you're anything like me, you might have started worrying about preparations, and so, look like this:

Or maybe it was just me.

But I think some of you have questions (and a few of you have asked me, I hope I helped!), and I'd like to help. Please tell me your questions via comments, and I'll do a blog post and try to answer. You can ask about things like what to pack, how much money do you really need (if you don't trust the embassy(; ), what do the rooms come with, orientation and such.


  1. Hello Eustacia. First of all a warm greeting and thank you very much for giving me a bit of your time. I explain my situation: I've been studying a long time (almost three years) a specialized course in business administration, also Japanese (exactly 3 years) and English (my second idiom : English father and American-Venezuelan mother), and studies I've done with math tutors with one goal: get the Monbusho scholarship undergraduate so I decided to clear my doubts and apply this year, and without further ado I once questions: 1) in the form of social and humanities, can only apply the tests in mathematics, English and Japanese? Or include physics, chemistry and biology? 2)which requirements change with respect to graduate? 3)should contact the university myself? 4) how is the process from application to getting the scholarship? 5) is feasible to do an MBA and expand the scholarship? 6) what thing influences in the selection? The average or something else? 7) From your perspective, how difficult is to get the scholarship and give me advice?. 8) What are the requirements?. 9) I am ready to apply? 10) explains all about the selection process. I am a regular student (17 on average, 7 or 8) I've been studying hard math, currently live in the U.S. but I am Venezuelan by election of my mother, so will travel to apply. Something I came down the mood is that the career I chose is not very famous in Japan (i read that some site) and if I want to do MBA this scholarship is not for me, that public universities do not give.Etc. In short, a number of questions that I have said many things that depress me. So, I hope you can help me answer these questions. Thanks for help me and possible inconvenience caused. Thanks

    1. Hi!

      Alright, let me try and answer your questions in order

      1) For humanities, the only tests are Maths, Japanese and English

      2) I'm not sure about the requirements to graduate, but I think it depends on the university itself.

      5) I'm not sure about the MBA, but you can probably try to extend it by applying for the graduate scholarship.

      8) You should really check with your local Embassy of Japan for the requirements.

      For the rest of the questions, I have written about them before, in some detail, so please look at the "For Monbukagakusho Scholars" page, all the relevant blog posts are there. If they're not enough, please feel free to ask more questions.

      I hope I helped!


  2. Hi again, it's nice of you to think of this :D I just recieved an e-mail afrom the embassy about what to do, so preparing begins now, and I thought about some questions I wanted to ask.
    Oh by the way, I'm going to Osaka :)

    1. They wrote that I'll have to bring my graduation certificate and my transcript + copies of them to "the japanese university". Did you have to do that too? If so, do they refer to the uni where the prep year is, or where I'll study after that? Also, did you get back the copies you handed in for the application, or had to ask for new ones? (I really don't want to go to my school again to ask them for the English versions plus to certificate them.)

    2. On the visa application form, there's a part where you have to give info about your guarantor/reference... in the e-mail they wrote I have to write a contact in Japan, for example a doctor, but I guess that's for research students (I don't think I could just mail a random prof). I was given an e-mail to contact Osaka Uni, but I wanted to ask who you had to write as a guarantor, or if you even needed to do so?

    3. Yeah, the money. ^^ My embassy told me in the e-mail that we'd need at least 2000 EUR (~248.000 JPY)... but there's no way I'll be able to get that much money \(o_o!)/ So how much does one >really< need to just make it through the first month? (I already started eating less to make myself used to eating less / being hungry :D) When do they send the scholarship money?

    4. Money problems again; what are the things you have to pay for during the first month? I guess there are a lot of things to take care of, like bank accounts and stuff. Do you have to pay for the first month in the dormitory from the money you bring with you, or will they take it when you get the money from the monbusho?

    Hah, I hope I'll be able to take care of everything... I'm kind of nervous and I don't want to make any mistakes here >_<

  3. Just one more quickie:
    What are the chances of someone being sent home because of poor results in the first year? Overall, what kind of performance do they expect? Some people are worried about what might happen to me after the first year, haha..

  4. Hello,

    I've got MEXT and been allocated TUFS, but despite the initial excitement and happiness now it's just uncertainty and growing anxiety (><) I'm really, really scared;;;

    I have a few questions, and would be really grateful if you could give me some insight into what it's like actually over there.

    1. For a social sciences A student, what exactly do you study during the language prep, besides Japanese? Is there really a placement test? ><

    2. How does university application work? Do you have to take the university entrance exams like senior high students? (><) Is there a chance that you won't get into the list of universities you chose? (><);;;;;
    Also, is it true that only one student can go to a particular department at one university?

    3. Is easy to find a relatively well-paying part-time job in the TUFS area?

    I'm really sorry for asking so many things at once, but these questions can't stop stressing me ( T xT)

    Thank you very much in advance!

    1. Hi Shika.

      For 1, I think I covered it in a previous post. For 2, I covered it before, please check the page "For Monbukagakusho Scholars", what I wrote there is much more detailed than an answer in comments I could give.

      For 3, please look at the FAQ post.

      Thank you! (And I'm sorry to make you click here and there, but I have covered these in detail before)

    2. Hi Eustacia!

      Thank you for your prompt reply. Instead of panicking like a headless chicken I spent some time to read your blog. (: Thank you really, for setting it up! It really gave me a better picture of what to expect.

      Instead of worrying over studies and all, I've decided to be more optimistic and look forward to clubs and all. Btw, you're in kendo, right! What time do classes end? Are you sometimes late for kendo? :O

    3. Hi Shika,

      Thank you! I'm glad that this blog was helpful to you.

      Yup, I'm in kendo (I'm a huge fan of the kendo club in school haha. I'm forever trying to get people to join). Well, when classes end depends on your major and the term. Generally, I ended later during the Autumn and Winter terms. During the Spring term (the first term), I could make it to all the practices. But during Autumn (which is when most of us quit our clubs because of exams), I reduced it to about two or three times a week. Same for winter.

      But don't worry, the Kendo team is extremely understanding. (And they've told us to put our studies first numerous times too!) If you tell them that you have classes that clash with practice, you won't have to come at all(:



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