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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Images of Winter #1

Now that winter is coming to a close/now that I'm hoping that winter is coming to a close, here are some of my favourite photos that I took this time round. They're all square thanks to the wondrous app that we call Instagram (and yes, I used Instagram a lot, mostly because my phone is the handiest 'camera' I have).

If you follow me on Google+, or anywhere on the web, you might have seen these photos before.


Isn't it pretty? 

This reminds me of fire and ice :D 

More snow on plants

Yes, I like the whole snow-on-plants thing. You noticed? 


My school is truly beautiful. Plus, I love this view. 

The day of the heaviest snow-fall in seven years!
It makes me sad to think that I'll only have four more winters to experience before I have to leave here. I probably won't miss the snow though!

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