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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Snoopy Potato Potage(Instant Food Reviews)

I think I'm going to rename the instant ramen review series to include all sorts of instant food! I never ate much of this in SG, but I love it here in Japan.

Before I start, please remember this: It's possible to live off this (and conbini food). BUT it's very unhealthy and you really really should not do it. Please cook your own food too!

Ok, so I saw this at Lawson and had to get it. I mean, it's so cute!

My sister agrees :D

And since I have the bad habit of buying stuff and waiting to eat it, I decided to go against the flow and eat it tonight.

Omnomnom (My sis said "ewwww" though :/)

First off, it really does taste like Potato soup. Of course it's not restaurant quality, but it's probably close to Campbell soup quality. And the potato cubes taste a bit like potato chips at first, then softens to taste like mash potatoes. I like them either way.

This is really for those who like cute things. The taste is just average, so unless you're a huge snoopy fan, you don't have to get it.


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