Friday, 1 March 2013

Bus Trip to Yokohama

This week was really really quiet (I was basically preparing for my presentation), but today was the second official bus trip we had. Well, it was my first, because the first time there was a trip (to Nagano), I was on a plane back to Singapore because I was too ill (yet, I have a perfect attendance record. Go figure).

Tomorrow, we have some kind of farewell/homecoming (for past students) party, so I figured I should do a quick recap today, and another post tomorrow.

Sorry for the lousy picture, I'll post a proper photo post later.

The day started too early (we had to meet at 7.45 am), and I learnt about Martenitsa (link to Wikipedia). It's a cute red and white wristband that celebrates the holiday of Baba Marta. I received two from Mira! (This is what happens when you take one, see another and go "so pretty, can I have that one too?")

The two places that I went to was Sankeien (三渓園) and Chinatown ( 中華街 chukagai). I was supposed to go to the court too, to watch a trial, but I lost track of time at Chinatown (I was at an all-you-can-eat buffet).

So first, Sankeien. This is actually where most of the photos from the next photo posts will be, so um, no photos this time. Sorry guys~ (Unless you have me on Google+, then you've probably seen the instagrams I did).

So, Chinatown. Normally, I take pictures of the food, but not this time. Poukei and I went crazy when we saw the dishes (we assumed the taste was more or less like home), so we were just ordering and eating and ordering and eating, until we ordered too much (too over-excited Chinese girls shouldn't be eating together :p). The taste wasn't exactly like home, but it's very close.

The people there are really nice too. Poukei was 10 yen short, and they told her not to worry. And yes, I did try to pay for her 10 yen, but the lady told me not to worry. I've found that most of the Chinese people in Japan tend to be like that. I suppose the fact that Poukei and I were talking in Chinese to the staff the whole time had something to do with it too(;


I really wish that I realised how awesome this place was earlier. I might be tempted to make a two-hour plus trip to get stuff - like real soya milk (good enough to move Rena to tears!). Although there are somethings that don't seem very Chinese:

This is cute, but I've never seen this before :O
This was totally worth missing a trial for!