Friday, 15 March 2013

Moving Out of the Dorm

Today, I moved out of my dorm. I think I still haven't understood what this means (I did wake up at 6 am to finish packing after all), so I'm not exactly emotional. Right now, I'm staying with my senior, and I'll leave for Fukuoka on Monday morning (6am. Again).

So this has two implications:

a. I won't have internet for a while, and even if I do, I will be busy settling down.

b. (or a.i.) There won't be a FAQ Part II post like I originally planned. Instead, I'll do my best to reply to all the remaining questions, and then I'll make up to it by telling you how the settling down is going(:

Alright, back to the moving out. As I said, I woke up at 6am. And slept between midnight and After all, I was busy trying to finish packing (failed) and give my friends sweets (success):

Cookie dough bites and Orea - Marshmallow bars! 
And of course, we celebrated by taking Polaroid photos:

I will miss all my friends!
See you around!


  1. Are you leaving Japan already?
    Time goes by so fast:/

  2. Hey, random Singaporean (also monbusho) who accidentally found your blog through google here. Just wanted to say I really admire your effort in blogging about your life in Japan and providing information for all those who are interested in this scholarship. Hope you have an awesome 4 years in your next university and I look forward to your future posts (:

    1. Hey!

      Thanks random Singaporean(: Glad to see another monbusho scholar~ And thanks so much for reading my blog



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