Saturday, 30 March 2013

My New Home (Pictures!)

Today, I can finally say that my home is mostly complete! I just need a table.

And why did I wait so long? Well, my piano only got delivered today! Yes, you read right, a piano. Yes, I know, I haven't said much about music, but hey, just cause I'm not a professional doesn't mean I can't own a piano.

I'll even let you in on a secret

*whispers* "My piano costs less than my MacBook!"

In the corner - the more expensive stuff. Priorities people, priorities. 

Well, it is an electric piano after all.

So here, this is how my room looks like:

And if you're wondering where I sleep, I (thankfully), have a loft. Remember, lofts are good. Lofts are awesome. Lofts give you extra space:

My sleeping area is really futon on futon under blanket
(which I can use as a futon too)

I can even have visitors. I just put futons down all over the loft:

My Dad took this picture when he was here, which is why I'm
actually in a photo.
Here are some more photos of the house (taken by my dad):

Tiny Kitchenette. Not much difference from the dorm.

I love IKEA. Tip: Go shop there for furniture if you can!
(another recommendation is Muji)

And this is why, I chose to move in to an apartment immediately instead of going to a dorm.


  1. Hi there! Im an avid reader of your blog!
    It's wonderful that you are able to share so much information to us prospective students who are keen to sign up for the MEXT scholarship!

    May I ask you a few questions regarding submission of education transcripts? I am also from Singapore and currently in J2 and I wish to sign up for the scholarship this year. During your application, did you submit your JC2 tests results? Or mainly just PSLE and O level certificate? Because my current J2 results are very not promising at the moment. Also, the reccomendation form, does it have to be done by our JC teachers? Can I consult my secondary school teachers instead?

    Hope to hear from you soon!


    1. Hi Yachiichan,

      The application form asked for our past three years, so I submitted certified true copies of my Sec 3, O' Levels, and J1 results. But after you arrive here, you'll have to submit your J2/A Levels/IB results too. If I remember rightly, your JC teachers have to write your recommendation (because it has to be signed by your principal or something like that).

      I think that even if your results aren't promising, as long as your attitude is good, your teachers should write a pretty good recommendation for you ^^

      All the best!


    2. Oh I see.

      May I ask you one more thing?
      Under the scholarship for undergraduates, how much restrictions are there? For example, do we get to go back to our home country every school holiday? If so, are we sponsored the air ticket? Also, what are the desired examinations standard for scholars during the whole 5 years? Are we suppose to maintain like a high grade A?

      Because, I was wondering if this scholarship might have a lot of restricitons and expectations that I am not confident if I am able to abide by it.

      Hope to hear from you soon.

    3. Hey,

      Haha, I don't think there are many restrictions. You can see my post about the Pledge if you want the full details, but basically, don't embarass the Japanese Government through your behaviour. You can go home (of course!) but you have to pay for your own ticket (of course!). All these are going to be in the pledge/application form.

      I think, compared to other scholarships, this scholarship is already very lax. After all, we don't even have a bond. As for doing well, I think just passing would be fine, but to me, I'd want to score high grades because, well, because I'm a scholar, and I represent Singapore and all the schools that I've been to.

      Perhaps you should have a chat with the advisors at the embassy? They'd have more details, and you might feel more re-assured hearing it from the horses mouth.

      Hope this helps!


    4. Okay! Thank you so much!

  2. Your apartment is a bit too big for a student like you. But, of course, you took it because it's what you prefer. :) If you plan to have more stuff there, it wouldn't be a problem because you still have a lot of space. Don't you want to live in this apartment with someone? A fellow student maybe? Well, if you want to have a peaceful life, living alone is much better. Hehe!

    Sunni Mahr


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