Saturday, 30 March 2013

My New Home (Pictures!)

Today, I can finally say that my home is mostly complete! I just need a table.

And why did I wait so long? Well, my piano only got delivered today! Yes, you read right, a piano. Yes, I know, I haven't said much about music, but hey, just cause I'm not a professional doesn't mean I can't own a piano.

I'll even let you in on a secret

*whispers* "My piano costs less than my MacBook!"

In the corner - the more expensive stuff. Priorities people, priorities. 

Well, it is an electric piano after all.

So here, this is how my room looks like:

And if you're wondering where I sleep, I (thankfully), have a loft. Remember, lofts are good. Lofts are awesome. Lofts give you extra space:

My sleeping area is really futon on futon under blanket
(which I can use as a futon too)

I can even have visitors. I just put futons down all over the loft:

My Dad took this picture when he was here, which is why I'm
actually in a photo.
Here are some more photos of the house (taken by my dad):

Tiny Kitchenette. Not much difference from the dorm.

I love IKEA. Tip: Go shop there for furniture if you can!
(another recommendation is Muji)

And this is why, I chose to move in to an apartment immediately instead of going to a dorm.