Tuesday, 5 March 2013

発表会と皆勤賞/Presentations and Attendance

From 9am to 4pm. Apparently, it's held every year.

Today was my 終了発表会(shuuryou happyou kai - Final Presentations). A select few (about half of us), are picked to do some sort of presentation or the other. And even though I tried my best, I still ended up doing a group presentation on "Betrayal as a reaction by rejected characters in 'Silence' by Shusaku Endo and 'The Man Within' by Graham Green". In Japanese, it's 「沈黙」及び「The Man Within」における拒絶された人物による反応としての裏切り.

And as usual, no one understood it (and half the audience was sleeping m(._.)m )! Comments came mostly from the teachers. I seem to have a knack for picking topics that my teachers find interesting but my peers don't understand....

The whole thing went pretty smoothly (we had some scares here and there, especially when my partner Sonya's eye started hurting), and despite what we considered an inadequate amount of rehearsals, I think it went as well as it could. There is no way that you can compress a 3998 word thesis (limit was 4000 words, or I would have written a lot more) that compares two books into ten minutes. Sadly.

Well, there was one thing that was pretty embarrassing. We had this poster presentation aspect, where you go to the presentations you want to go to. So after I finished one, I flopped (It was either me trying to run but failing, or me trying to act cute but failing) over to annoy Nicholas. Or at least, I tried to. But after I poked him in his arm, I realised that I was annoying the wrong guy )O.O(

Later, I had to listen to the two guys explain why even though they were wearing blue jackets, it should be obvious from the back that I had the wrong guy, and that even though I was short I should have looked up to see the hair or looked down to see the jeans to check. Like I remember what colour jeans they were wearing (sorry, I have a bad memory guys).

One more thing: I somehow won an award for perfect attendance (皆勤賞  - kaikinshou).

Apparently, even though I went to the doctor's place many times, and even left straight after the Autumn mid-terms to go back to Singapore to see the doctor, I somehow got perfect attendance. Looks like missing a bus trip doesn't count as an absence :D Also, Nicholas also got it, so that makes two out of the four people in total, and two out of three people. My dear Singaporean kohai's, try your best to ALL get it next year~

This is a very awesome keepsake of TUFS to have ^^


  1. this is the first time I've read it. May I ask if they will allow you to visit to your home country sometimes? and what does the japanese lessons covers? Thanks (^_^)/

    1. Hello!

      Yes, you can visit your home country during the holidays. You'll have to pay for your own ticket though (as per the scholarship contract).

      What the Japanese lessons cover really depends on what level of Japanese you're at.


    2. thank you a very big help ^_^ I hope I can make it I thought I cannot visit my parents here in my country when I got the scholarship yet I can thank you so much \(^o^)/


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