Sunday, 7 April 2013

500px News and Other Updates

Alright, I actually did have a pretty eventful week (had some orientations), but I've been so tired lately. I did want to share with you about Huis Ten Bosch, but I've got two other visits planned (with friends), so I figured I might as well wait for all the visits to be over and then do a huge long post(s - one will be for MindChicClub).

In the meantime, I'll like to share this photo with you:

Screenshot from 500px
The photo is one that I took at Huis Ten Bosch (and I really do like it), but please look at the "Popular" tag. It's the second time that I've ever managed to have a picture reach popular! I guess that's a good sign that my photos have been improving!

*happy dance until tired*

Okok, here are some another photos I took at Huis Ten Bosch - Isn't it a cool place?

This place is supposed to be full of illusions. Unfortunately,
you're supposed to go with someone who can take photos of you.

I found Sakura! (Just outside Huis Ten Bosch)

If you're a Professor Layton fan, there's a (temporary)
Professor Layton restaurent! Isn't it awesome?
(of course I had lunch there!)

Apart from my visit to Huis Ten Bosch, I've had an orientation by the student co-op, which was honestly very fun but tiring. I'm not a huge-groups person, so thankfully we were in small groups. Unfortunately, there were a few mass activities at the end (like a quiz), which really tired me out (I stopped speaking after a while).

Plus quite a lot of paperwork to do, which is frankly very scary because it's all in Japanese. I've realised that I do ok in Japanese if I'm speaking face-to-face with someone, or with small amounts of text. Huge booklets and phone conversations SCARE me.

So, I know that most of you would have finished about a week at TUFS/Osaka. How are you guys doing? Is anyone willing to share their experience (via a guest post)?

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