Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Golden Week #1 (能古島)

Yesterday was the first day of Golden Week! Then I have school for the next three days (today, tomorrow, thursday), then a FOUR DAY WEEKEND. Woohoo.

So yesterday, I battled my inherent laziness and reluctance to be around large crowds of people to go to 能古島 (I'm told you pronounce it noukonoshima, with an extra "no" between "ko" and "shima") with the KUIFA people (KUIFA/QUIFA is a circle for people who wish to interact with foreign students [if you're Japanese] or with Japanese students [if you're foreign]).

It was actually really fun! I took along my camera and kind of... took pictures. A LOT of pictures. 250 to be exact. Of course, I used my camera as an excuse to sit out of dodgeball - believe me, I'm the sort that has more fun watching than participating.

Ok, backing up a little, we were running a bit late, so the first thing we did when we got there was to get lunch!

Sweet potato tempura udon. You're excused for drooling.
And then, off to see the flowers:

Stopping to do things like look at rabbits:

And play on swings:

This... looks dangerous.
And more flowers!

"The hills are alive, with the sound of music"
And as mentioned before, dodgeball. Unfortunately, since most of those pictures have faces, I don't think I'll post them here. My friends may not want to have their faces on a blog. But rest assured, it was very fun.

The only "downside" was that we were almost late for the 6.30 ferry back because there was a timing mix-up. Thankfully, a bus more-or-less miraculously appeared (thank you God!) and we made it just in time!

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