Saturday, 13 April 2013

I've started Uni! (Kyushu University Entrance Ceremony and First Day)

Hi everyone! I wanted to update yesterday, straight after the first day of university, but I ended late. For example, coming back 11.30ish late. And today, my friend Nic came to visit me (more on that later)! But now, I've finally got time and I really want to share with you what the first day was like.

The only entrance ceremony sign I could find
Before school started on Friday, we had a bunch of orientations. And the entrance ceremony. Sadly, I couldn't take a photo next to a 九州大学入学式 sign because I couldn't find one. Plus, we had to go to a different campus for an orientation straight away!

I was wearing a very cute outfit (if I do say so myself):
I couldn't find a photo of me alone,
but this photo is from last year's entrance
ceremony. I miss Gaidai :/
Yes, it's the SIA uniform! And SIA's currently celebrating it's 25th year of flying to Fukuoka, so the uniform is plastered everywhere!

After that, there were orientations and buying of The Textbooks (including English). I've met my class (the girls in my class at least), and they seem nice. But, I'm having a lot of trouble with my foreign languages. I need to take two to graduate, but right now, it's a bit iffy if I can take English, since I'm considered a native speaker. And well, if I take Russian (the only other available language for my time slot), I can't take some other classes I really like. So, here's another piece of advice "check what languages you have to take - and if you can take them"

The first day though, was really interesting. I've more or less cemented the whole "Kyushu library is a good place to study" thing, and Chinese was interesting. I gave my name to the school in Katakana (which is what my teacher got). And since my teacher wanted to translate everyone's name into Chinese, this is what my named turned out to be:

For the record, my Chinese name is "陈沛灵"

So naturally, I replied "到("here")!(like what my teacher wanted)" and then continued with something like "老师,您可以用我的华文名字吗?(teacher, can you please use my Chinese name)". And of course, I had to tell her my name in Chinese, and while I was doing so, I could feel the class buzzing in shock. And of course, the teacher thought I didn't need to attend the class. Oh well.... (;

After school, I stayed all the way to the end to take a look at golf! They practiced at the driving range, and it was so good to finally get to play golf again! After that, we got sukiyaki for dinner. So yeah, I joined. For the golf, not the food! (please don't misunderstand!)

I think this is a great start for university! How's everyone doing at their universities/Tokyo Gaidai/Handai? Do let me know, and yeah, guest posts are welcome! Also, this is really early, but for those in the first year now, do consider Kyushu University! It's really really great(:

P.s. I wanted to talk about Kyushu University, but this already a bit too long. I'll cover that in a later post ok?

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