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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My Weekend with Nic (Huis Ten Bosch - Yes, Again)

Woah, is it Wednesday already? I'd planned to post this on Monday, but I had golf (it is so fun, but it means I come back at 11.30pm-ish), and on Tuesday, I was busy catching up on stuff I didn't do on Monday :p

I will reply to all the comments as soon as possible ok? Please wait a bit.

Anyway, Nic came on Saturday and we set off for Huis Ten Bosch straightaway. She was with me the first time we came, so we were both majorly excited about revisiting the place. That and the Layton course.

We are SO excited!

Nic also happens to take Japanese, but she claims she's not very good. However, she's actually quite good with the whole listening part (which I'm terrible at).

So um yeah, Layton:

Get both courses. You save 200 yen :D 
There's the Luke Course and the Layton Course. The Luke course is way way easier (well, it is for kids and all). Both courses are also only in Japanese, and only till Golden Week. Book your tickets now!

The best part (apart from having someone to hold onto in the Haunted Houses, and going on rides together), might possibly the illusion museum. Might. The day was full of awesomeness. Here are three of my favourite photos:

There are two animals in this photo,
can you seem them both?
Apart from the cool paintings, there's the "be in the photo" part:

Reading till the end(;
That is so me.
Well, apart from all this fun, we had a really great long chat. Well, we fell asleep on the way there and back (trains are amazingly good for sleeping in), but we compensated by chatting till the next day.

Nic promised to tell everyone her side of the story too, so please, wait with bated breath!


  1. Hello there I just want to ask cause I am very confuse. For example I apply as an undergrad student majoring in Literature, can I change it in other field during perpetrator test? My JLPT skill is only Level 2 (N2) that is why I am afraid to pursue it although it is my dream. Thank you

    1. Hey!

      N2 is already awesome! Don't be afraid(: I believe you can change within your category, but you can't change to a subject in a different category.

      Hope this helps!


  2. Wow that looks like so much fun XD!


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