Thursday, 25 April 2013

This is a Good News/Bad News Thing (Update)

Alright, this time, I have a valid excuse for the lack of updates. 

I was sick. 

It wasn't as bad as that time last year (considering that I didn't actually need to fly back), but it did result in this:

What I want to know is "Why does the fact
that I fall sick always end in my not being able to eat?"
That is the big bad news that I got. I had to skip a day of school /sobs (okok, I'm a nerd, I know). I also had to skip golf /sobs harder.

But, I'm back to normal, and I've even settled my schedule for this term! That's really good news for me ^^

And well, today was a good news/bad news/learning point kind of day. You see, I got a letter (well I got a few letters from various government bodies/companies), and it took me till today to remember to bring them to school and get someone to explain them to me. So I realised that I had to go to the post office to pay for my gas. And well, when I got there, I was told I could pay using the ATM. Unfortunately, by the time I realised I had no idea how to use the ATM, the post bank was closed (it closes at four). So re-queueing to try again!

Well, it failed (something is missing from my account). And I was told that I may have to go to a different bank to pay directly. And this bank closes at three! Three! Think about it, Three in the afternoon! I end school at 6.10 on most days!

And I have to pay by the end of the month. 

And Golden Week is coming up. 

So what is the lesson from all this? Don't be afraid to ask for help. The first people you should ask are those closest to you - like your friends. Then those in similar positions (like senpai's from the same country or from your university). And of course, don't ever be afraid to ask the company/person in authority directly. In the end, I called up the gas company, and asked them if they could extend the payment period till after Golden Week. I realised that customer service in Japan is excellent (even if their service hours are way too short), so don't be afraid to call customer service or the office or whatever

Last part of this post, what's coming up. Well, I mentioned it earlier, but Golden Week is coming up! Yay! I think I have stuff planned, so yes, I will try my best to post every time something interesting happens. And a little after Golden Week, I'll get around to that Kyushu University introductory posts, for those of you interested in coming here to study(; 

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