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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Golden Week #2 (Huis Ten Bosch)

For those of you keeping track, this is my third time to Huis Ten Bosch since I've arrived in Kyushu. It also means I broke even on my one year pass :D

This time, I went with Wawa and Momo, who are also ryuugakusei (foreign students) from Malaysia! Yes, my neighbouring country! They haven't been to Huis Ten Bosch before, so I decided to bring them yesterday. There were two reasons for this: one, Golden Week Fireworks; two, the Professor Layton mystery ends on the 6th of May.

And yes, I did manage to solve the mystery:

My prize is a little notebook! And there was a really sweet 3 minute
video to finish of the mystery. 
Since we decided to stay to watch the fireworks, we had a lot more time to explore the place. I went in to the Porcelain Museum and the Glass Museum this time! And yes, I managed to get some night shots and some firework shots. So, here are some photos (I'm not very good at night shots yet so....)

A bird's eye view of World Bazaar
By the way, I totally recommend going up the tower to get some shots.

This is the tower I'm talking about. 
So beautiful!
Here's a firework shot:

Actually, I can do one better. I took a short (maybe 22 seconds?) video of the fireworks, because I'm not very good with the Manual Setting:

On a side note, all these photos haven't been post-processed. This is really because I haven't decided which photos to edit, and because I came back this morning If you have me on Google+ (look to the right!) or on 500px (link to profile), you'll see them when I'm done (might be a while though)

After the fireworks, we went for karaoke! I would have liked a hotel, but it's Golden Week and everything is booked. Plus, overnight karaoke is cheaper. So we took a train to a fairly close-by karaoke place, where I learnt a few this:

a. Overnight karaoke after a day of school is vastly different from overnight karaoke after a day of walking.

b. I can actually lose my voice.

c. It is possible to not sleep at all.

d. When you're sleep deprived, you choose weird songs (no, I'm not telling)

Since I'm normally a "8/9/10 hours a day" girl, this was amazingly 苦しい (kurushii - tough). Free time ends at 5am in the morning, so we had to go to the train station, wait for the earliest train (6am) back to Huis Ten Bosch, and then for the earliest train back to Hakata (9.45am). We actually sat in the lobby of a hotel and I fell asleep. And again on the train. Lights out.

Which, in retrospect, was a good thing, because when I'm sleep-deprived, I tend to walk into objects like lamposts. It becomes a game of "make sure Eustacia doesn't hit something by mistake", which is no fun for all parties involved. Plus, my grammar disappeared (along with my Japanese) and I didn't have a reaction time. Now I know what the walking dead feel like.

Despite THAT. It was an awesomely fun trip. I actually still want to go back to Huis Ten Bosch again.

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