Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Golden Week #3 (Fukuoka Zoo)

Yesterday was the last day of Golden Week (sadly), but at least instead of staying at home, I went out with my golf friends!

Of course, nothing can compare to the Singapore Zoo, but it was really fun all the same:

They were having a stamp rally, but sadly, it's only for middle-school students and lower :/ We ALL wanted to do the rally :p

I don't know if the zoo is considered big, but it's divided into roughly two sections: the animals, and the plants. And since the zoo closes at 5pm, (we arrived at around 2pm) we only had time for the animals. BUT WE VISITED EVERY ANIMAL! Yes, I was like a little kid in a toy store.

A really big bird cage!
As much as I would love to show you lots of pictures, I can't. My friends are in most of them, and they were candid shots (I was asked why I take mostly candid shots - the answer, by the way, is that the peace sign gets tired after a while).

I really want to ride an Elephant - take me to Singapore Zoo!
I'm pretty sure that this zoo is already better than others (look at the birdcage), but I felt quite bad for some of the animals. Their enclosures were all some form of concrete, sand and water. It looks unhappy compared to the natural-looking environment of the Singapore Zoo (okok, I'll stop with the comparisons). But it's not all bad, the zoo is actually quite beautiful, and the birds in the giant birdcage thing look happy.

After that, we went for a shabu-shabu buffet! It was really good, and we made arrangements to go to golf today! (It's not an official practice day but...). And yes, golf today was really fun.

That's my Golden Week in three posts. How was your Golden Week?


  1. Not quite as eventful as yours. All I did was move into my apartment and help a friend celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

    1. Both events sound pretty big though! And Cinco de Mayo sounds fun(:



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