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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Happiness is... (#1)

Happiness is...

eating a hot sweet potato.

I wasn't much of a sweet potato fan back in Singapore, but I find these incredibly delicious (my potato-loving younger sis is envious, I wonder if I can somehow teleport these to China).

Potato Details
These potatoes have been baked for so long they're practically mashed potatoes! And so sweet! Sadly, this seems to be only limited to cold-weather times (unless that's only in Tokyo?)

And the vendor guy was really nice. He spoke a little too fast, but I followed my senpai's advice: when in doubt, just say "はい (hai)". In the end, I got to try the sweet potato before buying (another, different one).

Happiness is..... is a mini-series I do on this blog to document the smalls things in life that I'm thankful for. There are probably a lot that I missed, but these are the ones that caught my attention. 

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