Thursday, 30 May 2013

Happiness is.... (#2)

Your direct juniors (they are this year's D Class, I am from last year's D Class) win first place in the ボート大会(bo-to taikai: boating competition). At last, we have been revenged.

Yes, this is last year's photo. And yes, it perfectly sums up
what I did the whole day. 

Boat Taikai details:

If you want the long story, feel free to read my post from last year. What I didn't mention last year was that we choked on the last few races (Fine, my teammates choked, I was at the sidelines yelling "YAKINIKUUUUUU") and ended up third. We were really hoping to be avenged, and we were!

Happiness is..... is a mini-series I do on this blog to document the smalls things in life that I'm thankful for. There are probably a lot that I missed, but these are the ones that caught my attention. 

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