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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Nic's Weekend With Eustacia (Guest Post)

Hey all~ If you remember, I recently blogged about my weekend with one of my best friends - Nic. And she's so nice, she agreed to write a blog post telling her version of the same weekend. Enjoy~

I apologise that this post is over a week late, but I promised Tacia a guest post on her blog when I was staying over awhile back, so here it is 8) I’m sorry in advance if I’m long winded, or ramble utter nonsense throughout this whole post. Not much of a blogger myself.

Been about a week plus since I’ve been back from my Japan holiday with friends and the post-trip excitement has dwindled, but memories still vivid. Holy crap it was seriously frigging fun XD The whole trip was 9 days, mostly spent in Tokyo, but on my 2nd to 3rd day, I flew to Fukuoka to stay with Tacia for a day. So damn glad I decided to do that even though it caused my trip expenses to rise significantly XD

Thank goodness I didn’t get into any trouble on the flights to Fukuoka and back. Can’t say I didn’t get lost though, but lucky it didn’t take long to get back on track. Walking out of Arrival to see Tacia’s face was freakin crazy! Uwwwaahhhhhh I missed her so much OTL

As she already mentioned in her post, we spent the day at Huis Ten Bosch. Way cool, considering we’d been there five years back during a school trip and it really brought back memories. For me, at least. There were so many new attractions now, and I really had to keep my One Piece fangirl in check /ahem/ HAHA. Nahh, since I was with Tacia it was easy having fun throughout the whole place. The Layton course was interesting, hard for me cos, well, not good at Japanese. Won’t really go in detail here I guess. Oh. BUT I REALLY HAVE TO MENTION THE HAUNTED HOUSE.

Okay, the Haunted house area overall wasn’t that scary, BUT THEN WE WENT INTO THE HAUNTED MANSION ONE. SLFKJHSJDSDSKJFHJSFK THAT ONE WAS FRIGHTENING AS SFLKH. I’m not even sure I was happy to be able to vaguely understand Japanese, considering that meant I understood what the heck I was listening to. I really cant explain more for fear of obscene vulgarities here, but LSKJFHLJSDSKFJSFH you need to experience it.

Was slightly disappointed we didn’t have more time to go shopping and do more stuff before having to rush for the train. But dinner was good (and Tacia) treated so that made up for it. a little XD

I really like Tacia’s house. Really. When I’m in Aussie for uni in July I’d be awesome to be able to find a place something like that, though maybe without the stairs-to-sleeping-area part. The place wasn’t big or much, but absolutely loved how cosy it felt.

Flight back to Tokyo was in the morning to meet up back with my traveling group. IT WAS SO HEARTBREAKING FOR ME TO SAY BYE TO TACIA OTL UHUUUHUHUHU. Thanks for letting me stay over, friend <3 so friggin happy I managed to visit you in Japan. TAKE CARE, YOU.

Blargh, really can’t be bothered to blog in full, proper English. I tried at the beginning. Sorry.

I love you too Nic <3 

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