Thursday, 27 June 2013

Summer Holidays (Advice)

I'm not sure how many of my current kohai's will read this, but I've just realised that for you guys, summer break is coming up! (I still have a month and a half to go :/) And if the Osaka people have the same schedule as last year (i.e. you have exams when the break is over), you have my condolences, がんばって!

But if you're in TUFS, you should be looking forward to a long long break. And I think most of you will be thinking of this:

A plane bound for home.
Now, while you should definitely go back and visit your family during the holidays, there are two more activities that I really suggest you do:

First, take a trip within Japan. For example, go to Hokkaido (the link will lead to the first post of my Hokkaido Trip recollections). Go somewhere you've never been. You're in Japan, and you should definitely travel (provided you saved up during the term). I may not travel much this year, but I'll definitely make a trip - if only to go back to Tokyo!

Second, go for 合宿 (gasshuku) or some other camp if possible. It's one of the best ways to bond with your new friends and practice your Japanese at the same time. This time, I can safely say that I will be going to at least one camp this summer! Actually, whether I go back at all depends on when the camps are - I somehow end up planning my summer around them :p

So these are my two main suggestions to you all, my present and future kohai's. You've got an awesome chance to live in Japan, and you should definitely make full use of it. And if you decide to come to Kyushu, drop by and say hi! (Or do more than drop-by and go for a meal with me!)

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