Thursday, 20 June 2013

Weekend Trip~

Last Thursday (hey, that's exactly a week ago!), I went for a weekend trip to meet my family. Sadly, I didn't go home (although looking at the haze now, perhaps that's a good thing), instead, I went to Hong Kong and Zhuhai.

Family time is personal time, so I just wanted to share a few random things that came to mind:

One, I seriously love non-budget flights. I love SIA the best, but seriously, if I'm taking a plane ride that's more than an hour, I'd prefer not to take budget. Why? It's not because of the inflight entertainment (I didn't have any there, and I didn't have any on the 22 hour flight to America - and seriously, 22 hours, I need a personal screen to watch shows!), it's for the food:


I guess I'm one of those lucky people who don't hate airline food. I'm fine with most airline meals, and I actually like SIA meal (sorry, huge SIA fan here). So really, what I like is that if you're flying on a regular flight, you'll get at least a snack and a drink without having to pay for it.

Hong Kong was excellent! I love Hong Kong!

Shopping at the night market

Zhuhai was.... rainy. The shopping was good but I wouldn't want to live here. It really made me appreciate Japan. And I was so sad I was banned from speaking Japanese here!

We did managed to fit in a half-day tour, and I got to ride this:

I'm guessing it's like a ski lift
In the rain. Wheeeeee. Not

Great view, but let's just say that the drop
is really really steep.
Holding an umbrella while riding this thing was a bit scary. But moving on, there was a replica of an ancient Chinese palace and a visit to the tea place!

It may be hard to believe, but this round thing is made of tea. 
I love love love tea, and my dad bought me pu-er tea!

There were some parts of the trips that were so far from ideal that I won't mention them (I shall refrain from giving bad impressions of places), but seriously, the highlight of the trip was spending time with my family.

Well, I have a TOEFL (Test OF English as a Foreign Language) exam on Saturday, so I guess I should go study. And I'm thinking, just thinking, that my next post will be on summer holiday recommendations - I know for quite a few of you, it'll be your first summer break in Japan! What do ya think?

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