Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A Class Party, A Joke Paper and Exams

Yikes, I just realised my title goes from good to bad ><

Well, like I said, I went to a class party (クラコン - kurakon) on Saturday. It was actually my first time going (I had stuff going the other two times), so I was a bit nervous. But thankfully, there weren't many people there, since only 20 people went . And it was a really good experience!

I forgot to take photos, but I had a pretty good time getting to know my classmates. And embarrassingly enough, everyone knows my name - I suppose that's what happens when you're the only gaijin in class. Everyone was really nice about doing the repeat introductions though. And I discovered something - if my classmate happens to be in my Chinese class, then I know their Chinese name, I just didn't associate it with their face.

But, some of my classmates are quite scary act quite strange when drunk. I'm not going to say more, but it was a good thing my friends came to my help when I needed it.

And yesterday, I almost handed in a "joke paper". I had an assignment to write a paragraph on my High School, and well I did do a proper paragraph (actually, I did about three), but I also did a joke paper. On advice (*coughcoughcough*). This is how it looked liked before class:

My theory was that I wrote 1006 words because of the picture (well, maybe deduct a couple hundred for how terrible it is), but when I showed it to my friends, most of them were really shocked. But no one was as shocked as my English teacher, he did a "really? just that" in Japanese, which is quite unusual since he speaks mostly English to me. But I was nice and explained that yes, I did do an actual paragraph.

Strangely, we all got a week's extension to make sure our work is properly done(;

Lastly, I had a psychology exam today. Well, I couldn't finish reading in time and ended up filling in the blanks randomly. And I really needed a good score. At this rate, I will fail this module (I have one more test, and I need a perfect score to pass overall). I talked to the teacher, and she will give more time for the next test, but the problem is that I can't remember the specific words in Japanese. And the next test involves written answers.

Expect more blog posts soon. When I'm stressed I tend to write more.


  1. Hello Eustacia,

    I just want to ask a few things.

    From what I've heard, KyuDai is well-known for its research in natural science and engineering. Since I'm going to study economics, do you know anything about research activity at your uni and its contribution in the field of social science? (lol, sorry for the nerdy language)

    From your experience, how big the difference between Fukuoka and Tokyo is in terms of lifestyle and living cost (and also climate perhaps)?

    Thanks! :)

    1. Hi Ian,

      Sorry, I don't know anything. If you've read my earlier posts, you should know that I'm still doing broad-based studies - I'm not even at the economics campus most of the time :p I'm sorry I can't help you there.

      I'm not sure how different Tokyo and Fukuoka are (I've only been here for about three months), but Fukuoka is definitely cheaper. And it doesn't feel as crowded as Tokyo.



    1. THANK YOU!

      (But I need full marks for the next test to pass.... OTL)


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