Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A Class Party, A Joke Paper and Exams

Yikes, I just realised my title goes from good to bad ><

Well, like I said, I went to a class party (クラコン - kurakon) on Saturday. It was actually my first time going (I had stuff going the other two times), so I was a bit nervous. But thankfully, there weren't many people there, since only 20 people went . And it was a really good experience!

I forgot to take photos, but I had a pretty good time getting to know my classmates. And embarrassingly enough, everyone knows my name - I suppose that's what happens when you're the only gaijin in class. Everyone was really nice about doing the repeat introductions though. And I discovered something - if my classmate happens to be in my Chinese class, then I know their Chinese name, I just didn't associate it with their face.

But, some of my classmates are quite scary act quite strange when drunk. I'm not going to say more, but it was a good thing my friends came to my help when I needed it.

And yesterday, I almost handed in a "joke paper". I had an assignment to write a paragraph on my High School, and well I did do a proper paragraph (actually, I did about three), but I also did a joke paper. On advice (*coughcoughcough*). This is how it looked liked before class:

My theory was that I wrote 1006 words because of the picture (well, maybe deduct a couple hundred for how terrible it is), but when I showed it to my friends, most of them were really shocked. But no one was as shocked as my English teacher, he did a "really? just that" in Japanese, which is quite unusual since he speaks mostly English to me. But I was nice and explained that yes, I did do an actual paragraph.

Strangely, we all got a week's extension to make sure our work is properly done(;

Lastly, I had a psychology exam today. Well, I couldn't finish reading in time and ended up filling in the blanks randomly. And I really needed a good score. At this rate, I will fail this module (I have one more test, and I need a perfect score to pass overall). I talked to the teacher, and she will give more time for the next test, but the problem is that I can't remember the specific words in Japanese. And the next test involves written answers.

Expect more blog posts soon. When I'm stressed I tend to write more.