Wednesday, 17 July 2013

My TOEFL Score is Out (and other news)

If you're wondering why I've been absent for the past few days (not that it's some strange and rare occurrence), you should click here and read about it (I write when I'm emotional).

Now on to other matters: today, I got my TOEFL score! It was actually kind of embarrassing because when my teacher gave me my score, he commented on how wonderful it was. And after, that, he started talking about a student that had an extremely high score. Well, I just stared at the table.

And I don't actually dare to tell Japanese people about my score now. It's feels embarrassing.

I'm not even going to type the score. So here's a picture. 
Coming up....

NaNoWriMo prep will be beginning for me, so be prepared to see book reviews about writing here in the future. And I have tests and stuff coming up real soon, so my infrequent posts will become even more infrequent.

For all those MEXT hopefuls, do let me know if there's any topic you need me to cover. (If you're asking about either Kyushu University or TUFS, that's fine too!)