Thursday, 22 August 2013

Chocolate Tart Recipe

I know I'm supposed to have done the Cream Puff and Eclair recipe first, but this was already partially written in English, so it was much easier to translate. And for some reason, it took me some time to recall the term whisk (in Japanese, it's called a whipper).

The tart :D (The chocolate filling tastes like nama-choco)

Chocolate Tart Base
chilled butter (unsalted) - 50g
powdered sugar - 15g
a pinch of salt
half an egg yolk (10g)
half a tablespoon of milk (7g)
cake flour - 80g
Cocoa powder - 8g

Chocolate Cream/Filling
1 egg yolk
Raw Cream - 90g
Chocolate (cooking 60g and milk 30g - or any combination)
butter - 18g

1. Mix dry ingredients
2. Mix in food processor with butter
3. Add egg yolk and milk
4. Mix
5. Knead to get rid of air
6. Form into a ball and place between two pieces of cling wrap
7. Roll out into a circle - if soft, but in fridge to chill
8. Butter the tart and place the dough in the tin (if it's still soft, put it back in the fridge)
9. Prick with a fort and weight down with baking stones.
10. Bake for 13 minutes at 180 degrees, remove stones and bake for another 8 minutes.

The baked shell, before the filling was added

Chocolate filling
1. Heat the cream till there are bubbles at the side
2. Add half of the cream to the egg and mix
3. Return the cream and egg mixture to the pot and mix with a spatula.  Heat using a weak flame until smoke comes out.
4. Add the chopped chocolate in and use the whisk to mix till it's creamy. Add butter.
5. Pour into tart and bake for 5-7 min at 160 degrees Celsius

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