Sunday, 18 August 2013

It's (perhaps not) a good idea to live near an outlet mall

If you remember my post on Friday, then you'll have heard that I've been on a shopping spree lately. Sadly for my poor poor wallet. But anyway, if you were wondering what Friday's receipt looked like (the clothes I mean), well, I took a picture! I don't actually have a full length mirror, so the only way I could show you all how it looked like would be to use a clothes hanger:

Trust me, it's cute
 And the reason for all this shopping would be that Marinoa City was having this outlet mall sale. Quite a few shops were closing too, so the discounts were huge. Really really huge. For example, whoever that can guess the original price and the sale price of the following outfit gets an imaginary gold star:

Plus, I had to buy golf stuff (shoes and a skirt) so it was all good :D I think. I don't dare to see what my bank account thinks. I actually bought my mom a Coach bag and my dad golf shoes as well, so my account took quite a hit.

So apart from going to Marinoa three times in a week (including today), I also went to Canal City! After 5 years, I was back! With a camera (of course)

So so pretty <3
It really is a pretty place, and well, it has the same point card as Marinoa. Which makes this two shopping centres my two favourites! For some reason, I never liked Tenjin as much. I took lots of photos and I will definitely be sharing them to Google+ (or to 500px then linking to Google+, so it's all good).

They had this water show which looked like fireworks. But with water. 
And on two random notes:

One, please watch 謎解きはディナーのあとで (nazotoki wa dinner no ato de). I watched the movie at Canal City (incidentally, having the movie ticket gives you perks like free ajidama at the ramen shop, 10% off Cold Stone Creamery, etc) and it was awesome! It was funny and well, Singapore was in it! And the cruise ship they were on? I took that same cruise ship! (different route though)

Two, what was two again? Oh yeah, I just wanted to share this experience I had yesterday. I had to go to Hakata for some reason, and at the train station, I saw a group of people who looked lost. So I went up and asked if they needed help. Turns out they were in Fukuoka for one day and wanted to shop - so I directed them to Tenjin. And while I was leading the way to the subway, I heard something like "it's a good thing she speaks English" and "And her English is really good too" (something like that). I was kind of amused, but I didn't know how to tell them that I wasn't Japanese. So I just kept quiet.

Tomorrow, I go back to the waterfall (to eat kakikoori and go fishing!),

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