Saturday, 10 August 2013

National Day Celebration 2013

Yesterday was Singapore's 48th birthday! Happy Birthday (again)! So to celebrate, I invited five of my friends over to watch the National Day Parade (I love the National Day Parade. LOVE IT).

And well, I decided to prepare the food. I thought I prepared enough, but now I know, to feed six, I need a lot more than this:

Not shown: Meatballs and noodles.
Also, I tried to get the tarts to say "NDP (:" and " I <3 SG"
The show was actually really fun! We didn't get to see the Red Lions jump (bad weather), but my friends were really impressed with the show in general. Especially the talking Merlion :D (The Merlion is really famous in Japan)

Oh, and I was really touched when two of my friends dressed in Red (top) and White (pants). I did make a general request for everyone to wear red and/or white if possible, but I didn't expect them to look like Singaporeans at NDP!

Singaporean and Singaporeans for a night!

We did get distracted part-way (they were exploring my house and playing the piano), but I was doing the "LOOK NOW" thing, so I guess we caught everything. And after the whole parade we just sat around and talked. And well, commented on the facebook album (everyone used English too, and really, it's all these small gestures that touch me hugely)

You know, I never thought my loft would be so popular. At the end, there were four of us (one friend was staying over and another two were waiting for their parents). So two of them fell asleep in the loft and I was introducing my other friend to the game Where's Swampy. Also in the loft. Which I suppose is good, because all the food migrated to the floor (it was too troublesome to keep going to the table) by the end of the party.

It was actually really different from last year's celebration. But in a way, I'm glad that it turned out like this. I'd like this to become a tradition, if possible.