Sunday, 4 August 2013

白糸の滝 (Shiroito no Taki)

Despite the fact that I'm still in the middle of final exams (and about to scream from the sheer fustration of it all), I went to a waterfall yesterday! And before you scream "slacker", well, I went there because it was part of my final assignment! Yes, my extremely cool Japanese Affairs class has no exams, but the final assignment is to go somewhere with your group and write a report about it.


It's not a joke. Such classes do exist!

So my group decided to go to Shiroito no Taki (white string waterfall, if you want the literal translation). We went there by bus, and well, we realised why the bus was empty when we got there - there's at least a 30 minute uphill climb from the bus stop.

As we were making our way up, an ojiisan gave us a "shortcut". Well, it was a shortcut, but it was also a mountain route.

This is when we started out, full of energy.
I didn't take many photos (although I should have, the views were gorgeous!) because the path was too steep! My head was doing this up-left-right-down motion as I tried to take in the views and make sure I didn't fall. And those steps in the picture? They disappeared for quite a while, and it was just sand and rocks.

And me in sandals.

Trying not to fall.

But at least we all made it there without any injuries! And the waterfall was so lovely and cool that it felt as though it was air-conditioned:

We actually went there to eat nagashi soumen ( 流しそうめん - flowing noodles), which is a type of noodle dish where you pick the noodles out as it flows on by. It was so fun! Who says you can't play with your food?

You need ninja skills with your chopsticks for this!
I've realised that Japanese food is either really pretty, really fun or both. And always delicious. And fairly healthy most of the time.

After lunch, it was time to play! So really, we just messed around in the water:

With yours truly taking a bunch of random photos. And justifying
it with the report ;D
The water was nice and cold and even though we didn't swim, we all felt suprisingly sleepy after that.

But being a good girl, I studied Latin when I went home.

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