Thursday, 8 August 2013

Summer Break Starts Now!

Today officially marks the start of natsuyasumi because I finish all my reports today! (Exams finished like, two days ago). And tomorrow is National Day, so I'm having some friends over to come and watch the National Day Parade with me (and if they actually do come in red and/or white, I'm taking photos!

Yesterday was actually quite fun. I worked on my reports in the morning (that was not the fun part), and in the afternoon, I went out! First I went to get a part-time job permit, you know, just in case. Although my mom says that I shouldn't be working if I can't even get good grades, which is a very valid point.

Next was my favourite part of the day - I WENT TO IKEA. I'm not sure why, but I love Ikea! I wanted to buy a mattress and a table and yeah, I bought both! I really think I get stuff done only when there are impending deadlines. For example, I needed a table for ages, but I only got one yesterday and assembled it today because tomorrow, my friends are coming over and I need a place to put the food down.

And apart from Yiyin, who came with me, two more of my friends came over! We actually planning to go to Ikea and watch Monster's University today, but well, plans change. We ended up going to watch Monster's University (which ended at about 1135pm. Last trains FTW hahahahaha). It was my first time watching an entire movie in Japanese without subtitles, and I actually understood the whole thing (my friends were telling me that movie Japanese is hard).

My ID. Unfortunately, I have a feeling my friends won't
want their photo shared on the net (it's not even on Facebook!)

I can't wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow is NDP

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