Saturday, 31 August 2013

Tokyo Girl?

I'm writing this post on my last night in Japan. Well, I'm not going back for good, but I am finally going back to Singapore for a holiday. But before I go back, I spent this week in Tokyo.

And woah, I didn't know I missed Tokyo this much? I did quite a lot of stuff - tea with Rachana, Disneyland (hey, it's the happiness year, I have to go at least once), visiting the kendo team, visiting the kyudo team (I'm not sure why, since I never joined :p), and of course, youth camp (which was the main reason I went back). There's a lot to tell, and I will tell it slowly in blog posts, but for now, I just want to think about this trip.

When I came to Fukuoka, I was so certain that this was the right choice. And it is the right choice for me - I love this city, and I love my school and friends. But now that I've actually been back, I realise that I do miss my Tokyo. Not the Shinjuku/Shibuya/Akihabara stuff (I got lost at Shinjuku after just four/five months of being away -.-), my little patch of Tokyo.

I miss living at TUFS
I miss eating Sankichi and Parivaar
I miss Calvary Chapel Fuchu
I miss all my friends in Tokyo

But when I touched down in Fukuoka today, I also had an "I'm coming home" sense of happiness. It looks like I've got two homes now. And I wonder what it'll be like when I get back to Singapore. Of course, I'm soooo excited to go and meet my family, but what will it be like after a year of not being back? Singapore changes so fast that I wonder if it'll still feel like home. So many of my friends are in US/UK studying and well, that alone is a big change.

I guess I'll see what happens when I fly tomorrow.

This would be me, the frequent flyer (I took this at the airport :p)

P.S Here's a little interesting tale for you. On the flight back today, I sat next to a Singaporean couple. I thought the lady looked interesting, and ordinarily, I'd probably be all "excuse me, are you Singaporean?" or use some other excuse to talk to them (I once offered to take photos for a random family because I thought they were Singaporean). But, I had taken a three hour plane ride just to get to Narita, and amazingly, dozed off for about half the ride. For the last half, I was reading and just relaxing. Now, for once, I have check-in luggage, and as I wait, I took a good look at the lady's face.

The it hit me.

That was Fiona. She's a friend that I met once (she writes for The Straits Times) before. So I finally said hi and we had a lovely, if short chat. When her husband joins us, his first remarks were something like "didn't she sit next to us on the plane?" and "how come the two of you didn't recognise each other?". So paiseh (hokkien for embarrassing)

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