Friday, 13 September 2013

Car-Snatch-Thief Got Us!

If you have me on Google+, then you'll know that yesterday, my family was attacked by snatch thieves while we were in our car. And while I liked to think that I'll handle such situations in a cooler manner, the truth is that I almost had a nervous breakdown (or at least, I was crying and had no appetite and wanted to vomit. And the real victim was my mom). I think I was the most emotional one in my whole family - the rest of them seemed to get over it fairly quickly and even forgave them.

-Slight Digression-

I'm not sure why, but this incident taught me (apart from the need to obsessively check my surroundings) of the inadequacy of most insults. Those thieves are despicable and cowards, but that doesn't feel insult-ing enough. And no matter what else I call them, it just ends up feeling like I'm insulting the object that I compare them to. For example, if I call them a pile of shit, I'm insulting manure and all those useful composting items. I suppose that means that insults are not that useful after all.

Plus, I should be working on forgiving them. It's terrible to be a Christian and yet act so un-Christian-like and have so much anger towards someone. I'm trying to focus my thoughts to how their situation must have been very desperate to make them rob and wish that they stop their crimes before it's too late.

-Digression Ends-

There are so many sad things about this incident. For one thing, while there was a CCTV at the junction, the police officer said it may be 'inactive'. For another, my mom's still in shock. I mean, having someone come into your car and grab your bag from your legs - my mom couldn't do anything. Well, even my dad couldn't do anything. My siblings and I were just screaming.


I heard/was told that if they found your car door locked, they would just smash your window instead. And when commiserating with me, I found that that quite a few of my relatives and some friends have been targeted before. In fact, quite a few Malaysian women don't carry handbags anymore because it's too dangerous. The fact that none of us were injured is a great blessing.

Of course, there were helpful people. A stranger saw us at the side and pulled up to see if he could help (and he told us that this was the second incident at that junction today). The police officer listened to my mom's fear of the snatch-thieves coming to our house and gave us his personal number just in case. The POSB customer service people went above their call of duty to help us.

Maybe the reason the crime rate is so high is because quite a few gangsters were recently released. That particular area is said to have a high crime rate, and according to one of my dad's friends, that's because there are a lot of squatters there, and because the Malaysian government is cracking down on illegal employment, they can't get jobs and resort to crime.

But whatever the reason is, if you're heading to Malaysia, please take care of yourself. Well, I suppose there's nothing you can do against determined snatch-thieves but hope you're not targeted, but in the meantime, you can reduce your desirability as a victim by not flaunting cash, not carrying a handbag, keeping your car doors locked at all times, etc.

And if anyone living in Johor reads this, please keep an eye our for a black Agnes B. Bag with a pink lining that has four passports inside. We're making new ones, but my mom would really like her NRIC card back (she says that her photo is the prettiest there), and I would like to have the passport back to remember the different places that I've been to.

Stay safe everyone.


  1. May you recover this situation very soon......

  2. Oh no, that sounds really terrible! I hope you guys will get all your belongings back ><

  3. The good thing is yall are safe and sound!

    1. Yes! We've been hearing some very scary stories so it seems like we actually got off pretty lightly!



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