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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Tokyo Trip Part 1

I'm finally finally back in Singapore! It's been an eventful week filled with eating (hey, I'm Singaporean!), meeting some friends, starting golf lessons, etc. There's been lots of good stuff, and one worrying event (where my grandma got admitted to the hospital). However, I'm also reminded that I haven't talked about my Tokyo trip either, so please enjoy the lag as I slowly blog.

The first part of my Tokyo Trip would be when I landed and Disneyland. DISNEYLAND. It's Tokyo Disneyland's 30th year anniversary, which makes this the 'Happiness Year'. So obviously, I had to go at least once (I may go again if possible).

So I arranged my trip to Tokyo such that I had one spare day. When I first landed, I went to meet my good friend Rachana, and after lunch, we went to Kunitachi Tea House for tea (and I really needed to buy their tea).

Tea Soda and tea time treat! 

I love love love Kunitachi Tea House! And the lady there remembered me, which was quite touching. We missed the lunch offer, but we did have the tea set, which was cookies and two types of tea. I totally recommend the Milk Tea and their Tea Soda - it's delicious!

The next day, I woke up bright and early to go to Disneyland with Rachana! It's the first time that I went with her, and I had so much fun! We got to catch up on what's been going on with each other.

This is some happiness year thing.
And when we went there, Disneyland was also nearing the end of it's summer festival!

That meant that they had some sort of water show called the embu. You actually have to try your luck with the tickets, and sadly, we lucked out. We did, on the other hand, get to see the show from afar, and it was awesome! I love that they made a rainbow!

Apart from that, we actually went on a few rides that I haven't gone on before (wait, does Huck Finn's Island count as a 'ride'?) and of course STAR TOURS (newest ride)

Fastpass FTW!
It's actually a pretty good ride! It's not scary, but it's so interesting. I like how they pay attention to so much of the detail - from the waiting area (once you enter the building) to the safety video, it's full of lots of things that made us smile. It's probably going to be a huge hit with the family.

After I came back from Disneyland, Yoojin came over and we had a nice chat till the wee hours of the morning, when I realised that I needed to wake up early for Church Camp. So stay tuned for Part 2!

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