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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Typhoon, Lessons and Others

For the record, I really really do have blog posts that I want to share. Like the second part of my Tokyo Trip, my Yonanas Maker (that I just got), and a bit more. But, lessons have been so hectic recently.

To make this post a little less disorganised, I'll be talking about what's been going on lately (personal stuff, blah blah blah, if you're only looking for MEXT/Uni info, feel free to skip), and then about the Autumn Term in Kyushu University.

What's going on Eustacia? You've hardly been posting? 

Yes, I know. And I'm so sorry. But you see, even though I arranged my class schedules so that I have Monday off, I'm taking 16 classes in the other four days. So basically, on average, 4 out of the 5 period school day is filled from Tuesday to Friday, and I'm in school from 8.40 (normally earlier) to 6.10. Or as I tell my friend, I'm alive on Tuesdays, but from Thursdays to Fridays, I'm 死んでいる (shinde iru - dead). I've even mixed up the days of the week. TWICE.

I'm not sure how I'll survive NaNoWriMo this year. And oh yeah, I have to edit An Excuse For Company in a little less than a week (that I'm looking forward too though).

So, although I'll try my best to post, I might be limited to one post a week, unless I get super productive during the three day weekend and not only finish my schoolwork but write two blog posts so that I can post one on Wednesday or something. If you really love/need the stuff I share, can I encourage you to follow me on Google+? It's much easier for me to write a short post and share it on Google+ using my iPad than to go onto blogger. Plus, I do post pictures and stuff (on Wednesday! As part of the WordlessonWednesday meme!)

Like this photo! 
But if you really want more posts, why don't you write a guest post? You can write about anything related to MEXT/Japan (I really really want to hear the experiences of the kouhai's too!).

Last but not least, you may have been aware that Japan has been hit by two typhoons recently (and it looks like a third is coming). While I wasn't that affected by the much worse typhoon, I did get to experience Typhoon Danas. (Link leads to MindChicClub, one of the sites I blog for).

九州大学後期 (Second Term at Kyushu University)

As you may know, I didn't really think much about my GPA when I picked my classes at first. Thankfully, I got pretty decent grades and didn't fail anything (I really, really thought I was going to fail Psychology).

So this term, I used a little more strategic planning. And by strategic planning, I mean that for my science classes, my friends and I were exchanging info about which classes were easy to pass. And that I went to the syllabus website for Kyudai so often that once I type in 'S' on my iPad, it auto-fills itself.

But, I'm still taking quite a few classes that I like (I have principals - my classes must be those I like, and those that I can probably pass). One of them would be Technology Marketing II (in English), which is awesome because it looks way fun. We get to try a software/simulation game! And from that class, I realised that one thing about Kyudai is that we have an entrepreneurship program called QREC (I didn't know about this when I came), and not only are the classes interesting (I'm definitely going to take more classes from here if it's not too late!), most of the teachers come from Industry, which means that they have experience in the real working world (i.e. they didn't spend their whole careers in a university). Here's the link to the QREC website if you're interested (it's in Japanese, but there is an option for English)

Another class that I'm taking is called 外国語プレゼンテーション (gaikokugo purezente-shion: Presentation in a foreign language), which is really fun so far. Okay, that may be because I've also made new friends. But it's also because the teacher gives us interesting activities to do (or the fact that there are activities to do). I wanted to present in either English or Chinese, but since which language is my mother tongue (母国語 bokokugo) is rather 微妙 (bimyou - it means tricky, but it's another way of saying no one really knows) because I was taught in English, but in Singapore, my "mother tongue" lessons were Chinese classes - and the language I speak depends on the person I'm speaking to anyway), I'll be presenting in Japanese. That was a long sentence to say "I'm presenting in Japanese".

And it's because of classes like these that I'm not going back early. They're all either 4th or 5th period classes (or 4th and 5th period classes), so I figured I'd rather stay late and study what I enjoy than to go back early.

Oh, and I'm continuing Ancient Greek (Latin is clashing with Technology Marketing II, so I'll take that again next year).

Doesn't it look cool? This was my homework last term. 

If you've been reading this post to get a feel of how classes are, I hope I've managed to introduce some interesting classes to you!


  1. Hey! :)
    Firstly, I want to say that I'm reading you blog because you're pretty interesting and I can imagine how my life might be when I get there! So I'm interested in every random thing that's going on :) Even though recently you rarely post, I love reading your posts and I check your blog every day !! So, please don't feel weird when you're not posting about MEXT! Also, good luck with your lessons!!

    As a matter of fact, I am considering Business as my major. So your blog was very helpful! There's many interesting classes in Kyudai I suppose. Anyways, thank you, I'll be watching your Google+ too, from now on. I hope I'll be your kouhai one day :)

    1. Hey Bridget!

      I'm so glad that I have such an avid blog reader as you! It really gives me the motivation to continue posting - I'll definitely try to post more frequently!

      Yes, Kyudai has many interesting classes! I think it's underrated among the MEXT students - if you have any questions, about both Kyudai and MEXT, don't hesitate to ask me! Hopefully, you'll be my kouhai one day^^

      And thanks for the Google+ follow! I've added you to my Japan circles too, so if I have something special to share you'll be notified!



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