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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Church Autumn Bazaar (Photos)

I don't know what the weather is like where you are (I hear Singapore was having a cold spell, but I always assume it's warm), but right now, it's beginning to get really cold! Which marks the Autumn and so, my Church's Autumn bazaar :D

Now, I was simply the waitress in this, but it was really fun. Plus, we had curry rice and 豚汁 (butajiru - pork soup) and it was delicious!) If you're ever in Fukuoka the next time there's a bazaar, be sure to come down!

And while this I'll be sharing my experience with photos, I won't be showing photos with faces in them out of privacy to my Church members.

All ready! 

One part of the old clothes section. There are actually some
pretty nice stuff. 

Main dining hall, where I was the waitress

A sample of the hand-made items. And only 50yen!

Preparing the goods. They're delicious and
you but them as you walk past the window. Somehow,
that really appeals to me. 

The 'goods in question'. All sorts of delicious food, ready for you to buy
and consume (or buy, bring home and consume, you pick)
I didn't actually get to browse through here.
But then again, I don't need so many bags :p
I believe this section also sold things like photo frames, dishes,
teapots, etc. 

And of course, knicknacks like this musical sheperdess

Persimons! Good for you and delicious!

Books for sale!

Food coupons that I received from a church member. 

Coffee and cookies corner. 

So cute :D 

More cuteness. This I bought XD

My lunch! Homemade curry rice!

And a huge bowl of butajiru! 
I hope to see some of you at the next bazaar if possible!


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