Wednesday, 6 November 2013

I made a Hello Kitty hat!

Hey all, because I'm a little insane, I decided to take on a knitting project just before NaNoWriMo. Thankfully, I finished it in a week (actually, about four days of intense knitting) so now I can focus on my NaNoWriMo project. And what was this knitting project?

Take a guess
A hat!
The hat after about two days of knitting. 

But not just any hat,

That's right, it's a 
 Hello Kitty hay!

Actually, I was just aiming for kitty hat, but I happened to buy some red wool, so I decided to try and make a bow and stick it on (and it worked!)
I suppose this is called improvisation. 
 I used a free knitting pattern from Ravelry (you can click on the link to get to it), but adjusted the size of my hat to fit my head. And I didn't bother with the ear flaps because I didn't really want them (or understand the instructions). It's actually pretty simple to do, so if you want to make it, I totally encourage you to do so!

And to help you out a bit, here are two videos that helped immensely.

Now, the first mistake that I made was to buy circular needles that were way too long. But, I didn't have to buy another pair, because I found this video on how to do a magic loop, which solved my problems:

The other part I had problems with was when it called for a "Kitchener stitch". Turns out, it's just a way to sew the hat together so that it looks boxy, which translates to kitty ears when you put it on

Totally a box. 

 But, I found this youtube video, and I managed to finish it in about 40 minutes!

As you can see from the picture below, despite the fact that I started doing the stitch while the video, it turned out pretty ok.

 And my hat got a lot of compliments. One of my friends even asked me where I got it ;D

And best of all, it keeps my head warm! 

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