Monday, 18 November 2013

My New Yonanas Maker!

Even though it's been getting colder and colder, a few weeks back, I bought a Yonanas maker. Basically, it turns frozen fruits into ice-cream. This is how it works.

First, you buy your Yonanas Maker (I hear 'Duh's', but I had a picture I wanted to use):
Freeze your fruits:

Feed it into the Yonanas machine, and out comes ice-creamy goodness:

My friends were way excited, because they've always wanted to try it. Some of my friends hadn't heard of it, but after I explained it to them, they also wanted to try it!

And because my friends and I all think alike, last Saturday, we held a Yonanas party!

Everything is ready! 
 Of course, we had hot tea, to make sure we didn't get too cold!
This is the mixed-berry flavour, it's awesome! 
 And we managed to experiment with a lot of flavours:

This is pure mango goodness. 
As my friends said, "You can always eat ice-cream. If it's cold, turn on the heater." (yeah, we really really like snacks). So far, my little brother loves it too, even though it involves ice-cream. Although to be honest, he's only seen it work through skype. But I've already made a lot of cool things like:

This breakfast parfait:

I love my Disneyland Cup. Do you know you can play the Cup
Song with this? 
A Banana Ice cream Pie:

The crust was made with this awesome biscuit! 
And a Ice-cream cake:

Top layer is Persimmon (awesome), Middle-layer is
sweet potato (also awesome),  Bottom is pumpkin (very awesome)
I'm still thinking of what else I can make. If you have suggestions, tell me! I'll try them out and let you know if it works!

And if this sounds like an advertisement, don't worry, I paid for the machine (I wish I got it for free though). But I really do like it and wanted to share it with you. And also because I really, really wanted to share pictures of the desserts I made. If, however, you want to buy it online (and you're considering Amazon), I'd be super happy if you use the affiliate link at the bottom).

You can get your Yonanas Maker here!  (Note: This is an affiliate link. If you buy through here, Amazon gives me a very tiny amount of money. You don't have to pay extra, and Amazon now ships to Singapore free [if you're not in Singapore, please check about your country], so it's win-win)

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