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Saturday, 9 November 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013 Week 1

It's two days after the end of the first week of NaNoWriMo 2013. As of today (the 9th), I'm at 14520 words, which is about 500 less than what I should be at. I suppose this is the one time where being below par is not a good thing.

But considering that I entered with absolutely no knowledge of what my WIP (Work in Progress) is going to be, I'm quite happy with myself. I started off with a few characters and from there, I've managed to have a brief semblance of a plot made and wrote the first few chapters.

I was actually ahead of the target for the first few days, but Thursday really pulled me down. I tried to catch up on Friday, but I was still a little behind, and since my friends came over for most of today, I didn't get much writing done either. But I have tomorrow and Monday free (after I finish my schoolwork, of course), so hopefully I catch up then!

Now about the WIP: I remember something that vaguely sounds like "write what you know" (and I think the follow up was "draw what you see"), so this year's WIP is quite influenced by my life. I mean that in the sense that the story is set in Kyushu and the protagonist is a Singaporean girl studying in Kyushu University. Character-wise though, I think she's different from me (particularly in terms of personality and family background). Plus, she gets pulled into this alternate universe every time she writes her NaNo so that's definitely somewhere we differ on.

This is what my synopsis is right now (it's probably not going to change much, since I've got the general direction of my story fixed)

"Stuck between her colonial hangover mom and her desire to be more Asian (whatever that is), Mi has to figure out who she is as she navigates the first year of university in Japan alone. As she starts NaNoWriMo, her migraines get worse and her dreams start mimicking her writing. If she doesn't figure out what's going on, figuring out who she is will be the least of her problems."
 And this is my excerpt (the book is written in first person):

"You're so selfish Mi!"  
"Stop talking bout yourself mom". I try to include the obligatory eyeroll but fail.  
"No back talk young lady."  
I had that dream again. The one where my entire personality is picked apart and criticised. Trust me, selfish is a word that appears often.  
When I chose to go to Japan to study. Selfish. 
When I got carried away telling my friends about our new car. Selfish.  
When I pretend to listen to Ray's latest achievements in the army but actually tune everything out (in my defense, he already told me on LINE). Selfish.  
Insisting that we go for karaoke instead of FujiQ highlands because I don't like crowds that much. Selfish.  
Ok, so maybe I am a little selfish. Which is why ever since I entered Kyushu University (affectionately called Kyudai), I've done my best to be kind and un-selfish and whatnot.
 If you want to add me on the NaNoWriMo website, you can find my profile here.

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