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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

NaNoWriMo Week 2.5

I'm halfway through Week 3 and I officially have 33,458 words, which means that I have a very tiny buffer of about 100 words. To be honest, I'm just grateful that I caught up, because I've been behind since Week 1 ended.

The only reason why I've managed to catch up is because I've been writing at least 2000 words a day this week. I do this by writing one chapter (my chapters are a little on the short side), and by elaborating on past chapters that I've written. Even if I think it's rambling, if I feel the urge to write it down, I'll write it down. Like everyone says, editing and such is for after November. It means I get a little less sleep, but I think not being able to wear contacts is worth it (it sounds strange, but when I don't get enough sleep, I can't open my eyes wide enough to insert my contacts).

But, I'll be leaving on a trip to Tokyo tomorrow, so that means that I'll be away from my computers (and the internet) for about four days. I'm really hoping that I can write on my evernote even without the Internet, so that I don't fall behind too much. On the bright side, my novel includes a trip to Tokyo, so I suppose I couldn't count this break as an inspiration break (;

So, here's an excerpt from these three days:

“Alright. See you around Yuu” They wink at him and walk on, giggling among themselves as they walk away.  
 As soon as they leave, Yuu turns to me and says “Try not to pick a fight. It’ll waste time we don’t have, and energy on those that can’t afford it.” It’s the same speech he gives me every time Ray or I get into a fight.

“Yeah. Although you did put them in their place” Ray tries to free himself from the bush. Yuu and I rush forward to help pull him out as well. “Anyway”, he continues nolchantly as Ray and I try to pull him out, “You know when you said that we need to go to my ‘home country’? Why don’t you just write us there? That way, I won’t have to pretend to be in love with the Princess.” 

“Nice try Ray. But I can’t just change the story so abruptly. It won’t make sense. It’ll take me a few chapters to introduce a reason for travelling and the reactions to it and stuff. And who knows how many times we’ll be pulled into this world while I’m writing it?” 

“It’s a good idea though”, Yuu says thoughtfully. “Although instead of us going there, you could have an envoy or a historian or something come here. Would that be easier to write?”

How's your NaNoWriMo going so far this week?

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