Tuesday, 26 November 2013

東京へ行ってきた! (To Tokyo and Back!): Another Pictorial Post

You may or may not have heard that I went to Tokyo during Kyudaisai. And yes, I skipped my own school festival to attend Gaigosai (TUFS's school festival) and Komabasai (one of Today's school festivals).

Kyudaisai sounded fun, but I really really wanted to meet my friends. And with a four day weekend, this was way too good a chance to pass up. So, off to Tokyo I flew.

And when I got to Tokyo, I was reminded of how inconvenient Narita is. It takes me less than half an hour to get to Fukuoka airport from my home, but about two hours and 3000 yen to get to Kichijyouji. I arrived there about midnight and with barely any power in my handphone (I had this fear that the phone would die on me and I'd become uncontactable).

But, it was all worth it. I got to (activities not listed in chronological order) see my Kendo club:

Meet my cousin and have lunch with her:


According to Nic, these pictures made her hungry. Even though
she had her dinner just before looking at them.

So gaze upon the deliciousness that is Cheese Nan!
Meet my friends from Church:

The kids are adorable!
Go for dinner and book-shopping with Simone:

What an interesting book you have there Simone(;
And of course, go to Gaigosai:

And even Komabasai:

So. Many. People. 
And since I was being exceptionally efficient, I've actually processed two of the photos I took and uploaded them to 500px. So the links lead back there (if you're wondering):

Road to Tobitakyu. Also found here

Mitaka Dorm. I quite like how this photo has
warm and cool colours. You can also see it here

And a bonus photo! Here's one that I took with my iPad when I came back to Muromi:

It was actually even cooler in person. And yes, you can
also find it here

My mom and my little brother are also in arriving in Fukuoka for one month, so let's see how I'll juggle schoolwork and more travelling for the month!

EDIT: When I was in Gaidai, Tani-sensei asked me to make a video introducing Kyudai. So here it is! (Video is in Japanese)

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