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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A Very Quick Blog Update

If you've visited this blog lately, you might have seen this poll: 

I'd really like to thank the people that made up the 21 votes. I'm not sure how many people actually voted since I allowed multiple votes.  Now this would be the full options (some words have been cut off) and the breakdown of votes: 

More about your life!
  12 (57%)
Introduce some classes at Kyushu University!
  9 (42%)
An FAQ about living in Japan
  10 (47%)
An FAQ about the MEXT scholarship (be warned, for this I will organise I Google+ Hangout to get questions)
  12 (57%)
Go travel!/Travel Recommendations!
  5 (23%)
Go look for a job!
  7 (33%)
Give us advice about learning Japanese!
  4 (19%)

In first place:

"More about your life": THANK YOU YOU TEN VOTERS :D I'm happy to see that you enjoy reading about what I'm doing. Since my mom and bro have come, I'm sure that I'll have more things to share about (and I do, I really do. I just have to find time to blog)

And (it's a tie)

"FAQ about MEXT Scholarship": I kind of expected this to win, so here's the deal. If you want to take part in the Google+ hangout, which will be sometime in January next year, add me on Google+ and drop me a private post (you can make a post and share it only to me). If I get five people, I'll hunt down a few other MEXT scholars and get them to come hangout as well. 

Second Place:

"FAQ about living in Japan": I did get a really interesting email from Clement (Hi Clement!) about studying in Japan, and once I get that written into a nice post, I'll share it with everyone. In the meantime, feel free to use the comments below to ask me anything you want about life in Japan. 

Third Place: 

"Introduce some classes at Kyushu University": I plan to do that(: I um, I just have to write it. Wow, I have a lot of stuff to write about now. 

The Rest: 

Are stuff that I was planning to write. In fact, I was planning to write about all these options, except the teach Japanese one (because I've stopped Japanese classes a long time ago - when I get better at Hakata-ben, perhaps then I'll do a post. So wait for another year or two(; ), which is why I'm so glad that it got the least number of votes. 

Heh. This was a boring post. But anyway, you now know what to look forward too, and if some of the posts don't appear, feel free to comment/email me and bug me for them. 

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