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Friday, 13 December 2013

Huis Ten Bosch (2013 Illuminations)

Sorry for the total lack of updates this week. I had three exams in this week alone (I'm not sure how they all crept up on me!), so I really had no time to blog at all. I'll try to make a better effort next week(:

But on Sunday, I went to Huis Ten Bosch with my mom and my little bro. My mom's seen my photos of Huis Ten Bosch on Facebook, and this was the one place she wanted to travel to. My brother just wanted to have fun. 

Thankfully, Huis Ten Bosch had more to offer than I realised. With my mom and brother, I went to a few attractions that I haven't been to previously, and it was actually really fun. 

Wait, no one wants to hear a description. And I can't tell a story without involving my family (and for that, I'd need my mom and bro's permission so..... well, I won't compromise my family's privacy - my life, on the other hand, is an open blog). So that leaves photos. 

I haven't edited many of the photos, but no worry, I have other photos of Huis Ten Bosch that I took before and haven't shared yet:

A rainy day can make for an awesome photo

This is basically full of haunted houses, but it sure is pretty at night!

There is an awesome illumination show here! It costs money to get
in, but it's totally worth it!
And of course, thanks to the awesome Google+, I've got a few special photos for you:


The GIF! Finally, a night GIF worked! I never knew that I loved
GIFS so much!
Now, I'm off to fulfill other blogging obligations. And to write a few emails for robotics.

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