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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Mostly about Space World

Last Wednesday, my mom and my little brother came to stay with me for a month. While I wanted to bring them here and there, I (unfortunately) have school, and my dad doesn't want us to spend too much money anyway. But so far, I've brought them around my home, to IKEA and to Space World.

So let's talk about Space World. We went in the off-peak season, and it was much more fun than I expected! One good thing about a nearly-empty park is that you can go on rides without waiting, and go on them again and again. I'm still processing the photos, but here are three photos of Space World for you to enjoy:

Go around sunset. That's my recommendation. Although the rides close
around 5pm, and some of them are pretty fun. So uh, ok, maybe you should go
for the whole day. 

I actually advocate going when it's off-peak,
at the end of the year, for the Christmas illuminations. 

Although according to my friend, who's from Kitakyushu
(where Space World is located), the illuminations only became really cool
about last year or so. 
And here, is a Google+ GIF of Spaceworld that I made:

Somehow, my photos only get made into GIFS if they're taken in broad daylight :/

I'll be doing a more detailed review soon (and then I'll post a link to it here), so wait for my news!

One interesting (although not very fun) thing that happened was that I almost got into a confrontation at Space World. There was a group of students (I think they're Vietnamese, although I can't really distinguish it by sound - My mom and I are pretty sure it's somewhere in South East Asia, and not Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines or Indonesia though). We were at a huge bouncy egg (It's literally called "fuwa fuwa egg", which is for kids ages 3-12 (I think. It might have been cut off at age 10).

Suddenly, the students came in and started bouncing around. There were only two kids on the egg (my brother and another girl), but I really didn't think they should have been doing that. So I went up to them and told them in Japanese that they weren't allowed to play here. I was kinda nervous and mispronounced a word, but they got the message and left. Also, the park attendant came so they ran off apologising. I'm kind of glad I did that, because the play area is basically like a big bouncy balloon and I was scared that they would puncture it if they kept jumping up and down.

And in other, non-Space World related news. my favourite Winter/Spring ice-cream is back!

You. Must. Try. This. (Is my mind control working?)
I like the cookies, but I love this ice-cream! I ate it everyday while I was in Gaidai (and when I first moved here). It's a good thing my metabolism is still really fast :p
If you love cookie ice cream (Think of Baskin Robin's Cookie Dough ice-cream, but cheaper), you have to get this!

And once again, we experienced really good Japanese service:

Don't these cakes look good? There's a story behind them!
 On Sunday, my family and I wanted to eat out. But, we couldn't find a suitable restaurant, so I suggested the coffee shop opposite my place, since it has fries that my brother will eat. But when we got there and set down, we discovered that they stopped serving food already!

I was kind of embarrassed and kept apologising as we left. But, I met my match in the owner of the shop, who probably apologised more. She even gave us those three yummy pieces of cake as an apology. The cakes, by the way, were awesome, and that made me decide to eat there more often. At least for tea, if not for a proper meal.

I guess I could have broken up this post into three separate posts. But I really wanted to share this with you guys. So now you have a sense of what it's like to talk to me when I'm excited(;

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