Thursday, 9 January 2014

SSAJ Trip to Kanazawa (Part 1)

Since the 2013 SSAJ exco had both Nicholas and Matthew in it (and they had to take the two top posts), I was connedforcedpersuaded to make the trip from Hakata to Kanazawa for the yearly trip. But as it turned out, I'm glad that I went.

Oh yes, and since school started, I haven't had time to edit the photos. So you'll have to make do with the photos as I took them from my camera. 

The trip was a short, one night trip. Which is why I was very annoyed and frustrated to arrive at Kanazawa five hours later than I originally planned, and ended up missing the entire first day.

Why? Oh, that's because there was a fire in Tokyo. Which stopped all trains for two-and-a-half hours and messed up the train schedule for the whole day. While I did get some money back, I also had to wait for an interminable amount of time to get it. If you have me on Google Plus, you would have heard my complaining and seen the pictures.

In hindsight, I should've bought something.
But who knew about the train stopping? 
So yes, it was a very grumpy and hungry Eustacia that arrived in Kanazawa (take note that I didn't expect to be late, so I hadn't had anything to eat since breakfast. And breakfast was a glass of milk). Thankfully, I was given food as soon as I arrived. I suppose all those messages that alternated between "go ahead without me", "I'm sorry" and "What is there to see at night??? I need to see at least one attraction" communicated my hunger to the SSAJ exco. Thanks guys, that saved me. That and the fact that I didn't have to carry my luggage to my hotel :D

After a quick dip in the hotel ofuro, there was dinner!

I ate till I couldn't eat anymore.

So now that I was satiated and happy, we decided to add one item to our itinerary and see Oyama temple at night. Since we turned out to be a small group of nine (for which I'm grateful, since I don't like crowds - more on that later), deciding to add stuff was a very quick decision.

Just before we entered. 
And even though I already had dinner, I was drawn to the candied fruits stall like a moth to a flame.

It's also brightly lit. 
They have apples,


And mikan (mandarin oranges)

The mikan are the small things on the top left side. 
They even have a cute, eight-year-old dog called Coco (don't worry, Coco was kept away from the food)

I actually had a nice chat with the ladies running the stall, and learnt things like "the red is from the strawberry flavouring that you put in kakikoori". And my sweet tooth demanded I buy something, so I got the mikan and strawberry.

When everyone was done, we headed back to the hotel. There was a drinking session going on, but after last year's, I stayed away and just went to sleep early. I never knew sitting in a train for so long was so tiring.

To be continued. 

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